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TG III – Policy group
Terms of Reference

•  Amend and update the publishing policy, especially for data articles and software articles, to make the BEDJ a much-featured journal.

•  Collaborate with repositories to improve the work flow for paper submission and review.

•  Write papers and prepare promotional materials to encourage researchers to submit data articles and software articles.

•  Work closely with TGs I and III to ensure that the emerging article types attract widespread attention.

General Plan (2020–2022)

•  Improve the submission guidelines and the review processes for data and software articles.

•  Produce an editorial or mini review on the new developments for data and software publications submitted to the BEDJ.

•  Ask group members or invited scholars to contribute 1–2 data or software and code papers.

Action Plan (2020–2021)

1. The group is divided into two focused sub-groups: a data group and a software and code group. While the two groups have different focuses, all members will work together toward the common goals.

2. January 2021–March 2021: Each member voluntarily investigates a few competing journals and review the pros & cons of their publishing policies or data deposition/sharing policies (including recommended repositories). A group meeting will be held at the end of this period to discuss the lessons learnt from these journals and repositories (each member will prepare 1–2 slides for this meeting). The goal is to produce summary documents including important bullet points regarding data and software and code publishing

3. April 2021–May 2021: Co-chairs take the lead in drafting four documents together with the assistant members of each group: separate preparation and submission guidelines for (1) data and (2) software and code papers; guidelines for reviewing (3) data and (4) software and code papers.

4. June 2021–July 2021: All members makes suggestions and repeatedly revise the four documents listed in (3) above and submit these to the BEDJ for posting on the journal’s home page as “Instructions for authors & reviewers”.

5. August 2021 Aug–December 2021: Write an editorial or mini review paper on new trends in data, software, and code publishing in the BEDJ and invite or solicit internal members or external experts to contribute data or software and code papers for featuring in the BEDJ.


*Note: the composition of the two Task-III sub-groups is as follows:

Sub-group 1 – Data: Qiyu Chen, Reza Khatami, Yubao Qiu, Zutao Yang, Zhihua Zhang

Sub-group 2 – Software and code: Alexey Noskov, Songshan Yue, Xiaogang (Marshall) Ma, Xuehong Chen

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