Our Mission

To benefit society by promoting the development and realization of Digital Earth

About ISDE Activities

In line with its mission ISDE convenes international symposia, summits, and other meetings, with lectures, communications, discussions and, as appropriate, tutorials,  exhibitions, technical visits and social events.

Since 1999, ISDE's two series of international academic conferences - the International Symposium on Digital Earth and the Digital Earth Summit have been held in different countries worldwide. Up to now, 12 symposia and 9 summits with different and relevant topics have been organized in 15 different countries, attracting more than 10,000 participants. 

ISDE organized workshops on Digital Earth Vision towards 2020 and towards 2030 respectively in 2011 and 2020, which attracted quite a few scientists in the field of Digital Earth to contribute their thoughts and perspectives. ISDE working groups also organized workshops in specific research fields, e.g. Workshop on Data Governance and AI Ethics. 


In addition, ISDE establishs ISDE International Lecture, which is a series of online events featureing guest lectures by well-known international experts in the field of Digital Earth. The event will invite speakers to give lectures every two months. The purpose of the events is to bring international scholars in the relevant research fields of Digital Earth together to exchange academic perspectives, share research results, and disseminate the most cutting-edge and authoritative concept of Digital Earth.

These series activities have laid a solid foundation for experts from science, enterprise, education and government domains to enrich theories, technologies and applications in light of the progress of Digital Earth and its vision perspective.