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ISDE Award

Big Earth Data Best and Outstanding Paper Award


The International Society for Digital Earth, in collaboration with Taylor & Francis and International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals, are pleased to announce a new award series for authors publishing in Big Earth Data: Best and Outstanding Paper Awards.

More information about the award and selection criteria are below.


The purpose of the Big Earth Data Best Paper and Outstanding Paper Awards is to recognize the best papers that were published in Big Earth Data during each publication year. The papers will be selected after thorough evaluation by the Journal Award Committee, and the winners will be announced in March of each year.

Eligibility for the Awards

– Papers published in Big Earth Data with an online date between 1 January and 31 December;

– Open to all career levels;

– Both regular and Special Issue publications will be considered.

Selection Criteria

The papers will be selected by the Journal Award Committee according to the following criteria:

 •  Scientific merit and broad impact;

 •  Originality of the research objectives;

 •  Novelty in the opinions or in the research approaches;

 •  Quality and accessibility of the data sets and software tools;

 •  Significance to the research filed and interest to readers;

 •  Clarity of presentation;

 •  Citations and downloads.

The Award Committee will select three papers as "Best Papers". Among them, only one article will be selected as the "Outstanding Paper" for the year.

The Prize

The Outstanding Paper Award:

– GBP £250 awarded to the corresponding author of the winning paper (this prize is awarded to the 2023 winner).

– A certificate and a chance to publish their next paper in Big Earth Data free of charge after peer review. To qualify for waived APC, submissions must be received in the year the prize is awarded.

The Best Paper Award:

– A certificate and a chance to publish their next paper in Big Earth Data free of charge after peer review. To qualify for waived APC, submissions must be received in the year the prize is awarded.

In addition, the Editorial Office will invite the Best Paper and Outstanding Paper award winners to attend the Annual Conference of the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) to present a summary of his or her article. The registration fee will be waived.

♦ The Winners of the Award in 2023

Outstanding Paper

City Digital Twins: their maturity level and differentiation from 3D city models

Homa Masoumi, Sara Shirowzhan, Paria Eskandarpour & Christopher James Pettit

Best Papers

Change in observed long-term greening across Switzerland – evidence from a three decades NDVI time-series and its relationship with climate and land cover factors

Claire Obuchowicz, Charlotte Poussin & Gregory Giuliani

Improving risk reduction potential of weather index insurance by spatially downscaling gridded climate data - a machine learning approach

Sarvarbek Eltazarov, Ihtiyor Bobojonov, Lena Kuhn & Thomas Glauben

♦ The Winners of the Award in 2022

Outstanding Paper

Think global, cube local: an Earth Observation Data Cube's contribution to the Digital Earth vision

Martin Sudmanns, Hannah Augustin, Brian Killough, Gregory Giuliani, Dirk Tiede, Alex Leith, Fang Yuan & Adam Lewis

Best Papers

The application of ResU-net and OBIA for landslide detection from multi-temporal Sentinel-2 images

Omid Ghorbanzadeh, Khalil Gholamnia & Pedram Ghamisi

GIScience research challenges for realizing discrete global grid systems as a Digital Earth

Majid Hojati, Colin Robertson, Steven Roberts & Chiranjib Chaudhuri

Gridded 20-year climate parameterization of Africa and South America for a stochastic weather generator (CLIGEN)

Andrew Fullhart, Guillermo E. Ponce-Campos, Menberu B. Meles, Ryan P. McGehee, Gerardo Armendariz, Paulo Tarso S. Oliveira, Cristiano Das Neves Almeida, José C. de Araújo, Werner Nel & David C. Goodrich

♦ The Winners of the Award in 2021

Outstanding Paper

Intelligent geospatial maritime risk analytics using the Discrete Global Grid System

Andrew Rawson, Zoheir Sabeur & Mario Brito

Best Papers

Living Earth: Implementing national standardised land cover classification systems for Earth Observation in support of sustainable development

Christopher J. Owers, Richard M. Lucas, Daniel Clewley, Carole Planque, Suvarna Punalekar, Belle Tissott, Sean M. T. Chua, Pete Bunting, Norman Mueller & Graciela Metternicht

Mapping essential urban land use categories (EULUC) using geospatial big data: Progress, challenges, and opportunities

Bin Chen, Bing Xu & Peng Gong