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Eugene Eremchenko


Lomonosov Moscow State University

Eugene Eremchenko graduated from Kharkov State University, USSR (1990) in experimental nuclear physics. He has gained extensive experience in a wide interdisciplinary context - in high energy physics, space industry, remote sensing, geoinformatics. Since the launch of Google Earth in 2005, he actively supports and develops neogeography and Digital Earth. He is a Lomonosov MSU scientific researcher, head of the Neogeography R&D group, and principal investigator for the VNIIEM corporation. Author of more than 100 scientific papers, co-author of several books and chapters, including "Manual of Digital Earth" (2020). He has developed and implemented several advanced geospatial projects and was awarded for the first national open City 3D-model for Digital Earth (2008). Eugene actively promotes the Digital Earth Vision and has authored numerous outreach publications, scientific events and lectures around the world; he is a member of Council of the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) since 2016 and head of Russian National Chapter of ISDE, as well as organizer and head of the "Digital Earth and Big Data" sessions at the annual "Graphicon" conferences (starting 2016), head of local organizing committee of the 8th Digital Earth Summit (2020), held in Protvino (Russia). Eugene is the editor-in-chief of the annual interdisciplinary almanac "Geocontext" - the leading Russian scientific journal on Digital Earth. His scientific interests include (but not limited to) advanced remote sensing, the digital turn, cybernetics, philosophy, semiotics, visual analytics, decision making, etc. Eugene is an author of several scientific concepts, including the concept of "zero sign" in semiotics and typology of geospatial visualization. His hobbies are complementary - adventures, photography (Eugene is a trusted Google professional for Street View program), thinking, reading and writing.