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ISDE Workshop on Digital Earth Vision towards 2030


The "Workshop on Digital Earth Vision towards 2030" by the International Society for Digital Earth has been successfully held online on 20 July 2020, with a total of 26 participants from 14 countries including China, Italy, Australia, Mexico, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Austria, Russia, Czech Republic, UK, UAE, Hungary, and India. The participants are from ISDE communities and also representatives from International organisations, such as International Science Council, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society.


Since the Digital Earth vision towards 2020 was foreseen in 2011, almost ten years passed. There have been lots of achievements obtained while some are missing. Proposed by the ISDE Bureau, the Workshop on Digital Earth vision towards 2030 was organized with the objective of developing a 2030 Digital Earth vision by reviewing what has been achieved during the ten years and what are potential new development.


The workshop was coordinated in a whole-process by Dr. Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse, the vice president of ISDE. Dr. Alessandro Annoni, the ISDE president welcomed all participants and chaired the first session of overviewing ISDE background and the Survey results about DE vision. Zaffar chaired the second session by leading participants to look into the DE vision 2020 and talk about the 2030 vision in terms of Connectivity, Digital Economy, Big Data/Open Data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Visualisation, Security/Ethics/Privacy, and some challenges and opportunities, like Education/Capacity Building, SDGs, Digital Health, Sensors. Dr. Mario Hernandez, the ISDE vice president facilitated the third session by reviewing the collaboration of ISDE with other organizations, like GEO, ISC, UNGGIM-GS, CODATA, ISPRS, IEEE GRSS, and so on. Following that Prof. Michael Goodchild and Dr. Max Craglia chaired the last session by inviting participants to discuss and contribute to the DE Vision 2030 papers. During each session, an online instant questionnaire survey was given to participants and the survey results show good feedback on certain topics providing insights for the further consideration on DE development.


The Workshop was very compact and productive. As a promising result, two papers will be further discussed and prepared based on the discussion and inputs from the participants at the workshop .

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