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To benefit society by promoting the development and realization of Digital Earth


Digital Earth & Almanac Geocontext were Popularized via Acaudio

On 10 February 2023, the Almanac Geocontext, which has been published since 2013 and dedicated to Digital Earth, Neogeography and Semiotics, was interviewed by and presented on the London, UK-based broadcasting service - Acaudio.com. The Geocontext was introduced by the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Eugene Eremchenko, who is also the councilor of the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE). 

Prof. Eugene Eremchenko indicated that "The sharing of Digital Earth Vision is of particular importance today, as it allows for the implementation of best practices in decision-making and global governance, while at the same time enabling the identification of problem areas to be solved by technological and scientific means in a future". In this work, it is important to use all available variety of multimedia formats, and the audio podcast is a new and potentially promising mode of disseminating knowledge about Digital Earth.


For more details, please visit the Acaudio Link: https://acaudio.com/journals/b2c19e33-79bb-4aa4-919b-a17f3a21163a

"Geocontext" is an annual peer-reviewed interdisciplinary almanac dedicated to the problem of the perception of space and time with the help of semiotics, geography, scientific visualization, command and control science, others fundamental and applied disciplines.

Almanac "Geocontext" has been published since 2013. In the almanac "Geocontext", theoretical and practical issues of the use of the Digital Earth paradigm, neogeography, achievement of situational awareness modes, network-centricity, sustainable development are considered. The editorial team of the Geocontext Almanac hopes to intensify the discussion and implementation of Digital Earth as part of the Digital Earth Vision 2030, which sets exciting benchmarks for the scientific community and all of humanity, and thanks Acaudio.com editors for their interest in our journal and high standard of journalistic work. All are welcome to discuss Digital Earth Vision, the leading edge of the geospatial and governance revolution".

Almanac "Geocontext" has been published only in digital form in two languages - English and Russian (from 2013 to 2017 articles were also accepted in German). Materials of the almanac "Geocontext" are placed in the public domain under the license of CC BY-NC-ND on the site of the journal http://geo-context.org, indexed by Russian (E-Library) and International (Google Scholar, DOAJ, etc.) open databases of scientific publications.