Russian DE community welcomes DES2020

Russian Digital Earth community welcomes 8th Digital Earth Summit in 2020



Scientific City Obninsk ready to host the Digital Earth Summit

At the 7th Digital Earth Summit held in El Jadida, Morocco, on 17-19 April, 2018, was decided to hold next 8th Digital Earth Summit in Russia. Summit will be held on May 27-29, 2020 in Obninsk – scientific City in close vicinity of Moscow, capital of Russia. Agreement was signed between ISDE and local authority – City Development Agency of Obninsk.


Obninsk welcomes 8th Digital Earth Summit


Relatively small (population near 100K) and modern City, Obninsk hosts a lot of scientific institutes, industrial enterprises and ventures in the fields of nuclear physics, aerospace, geophysics, meteorology, chemistry, agriculture, medicine, etc. Obninsk is a ‘birthplace’ of Russian nuclear power industry. In Obninsk world’s first nuclear power station was constructed (put into operation in 1954, decommissioned in 2002, now works as a museum). Obninsk located in the middle of historical part of Central Russia, there are numerous significant historical sites near the City. Also, due to excellent geolocation Obninsk was selected as a Russian national hub and logistic center for Silk Railroad (since 2016). Obninsk became the first official Russian ‘Naukograd’, or ‘Scientific City’ (since 2000).

Well-known for its mild climate, calm and friendly cosmopolitan atmosphere, excellent ecology and infrastructure, Obninsk has great outreach potential for Digital Earth and is an ideal choice for hosting Digital Earth Summit.

Official site of 8th Digital Earth Summit:


Digital Earth events in Russia in 2020

Sustained interest in the Digital Earth in Russia has become even stronger in 2018 after proclaiming of Digital Earth as a core concept of national remote sensing policy in 2017 and decision to organize next, 8th Digital Earth Summit in Russia. The main relevant scientific event – 28th International Conference GraphiCon-2018 with session “Digital Earth and Big Data” – was held on September 24-27 in Tomsk, big scientific and technological center of Western Siberia. GraphiCon is the leading international annual conference on computer graphics and machine vision in Russia and CIS countries. Session “Digital Earth and Big Data” became traditional – it included to GraphiCon agenda since 2017 and organized by NeoGeography Group. In 2018 it consists of 7 presentations, including plenary report ‘Visualization and new definition of sign’, dedicated to the memory of prof. Stanislav Klimenko (1941-2018), one of the outstanding activists and pioneers of Digital Earth movement in Russia, and session report ‘Digital Earth and «Digital» Initiatives of Modern Era’.



Chair of the organizing committee, co-author of articles “Digital Earth and Digital Economy” and “Digital Earth and «Digital» Initiatives of Modern Era”, Prof. Alena Zakharova (Tomsk Polytechnic University) opens the conference Graphicon-2018


Next big scientific event in Russia, relevant to Digital Earth, will be 1st International AeroSpace Symposium, will be organized in Dolgoprudny (suburb of Moscow) on December, 06-08, by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia) and Xi'an Jiaotong University (China). Site of Symposium:


(Contributor: Eugene Eremchenko, ISDE Councilor, NeoGeography Group)