Categories and Qualifications

Membership of ISDE is categorized as corporate member and individual member, in which the following a), b), c) are for corporate members, and d) is for individual members.

a) National membership – Open to all National Digital Earth Societies.

b) Organizational membership:

i.Government departments – all interested institutions;

ii.Universities and research institutes – universities, research institutes, schools, colleges, etc;

iii.International, regional and national societies and NGOs.

c) Enterprise membership – companies contributing to the objectives of the ISDE.

d) Individual membership:

i.Honorary Members – honorary membership is awarded to those who have made significant contributions to the Digital Earth Vision;

ii.Founding Members – the Members of the first Executive Committee Board and the Founders of the Society;

iii.Individual Life Members – those individuals who contribute a single payment of five times the annual individual fees are life members;

iv.Individual Members – those individuals actively engaged in Digital Earth science, activities, technology and applications;

v.Individual Student Members – any bona-fide student enrolled at any educational establishment. They are qualified for reduced membership fee;

vi.Individual Senior Members – those 65 years of age or over can qualify for a reduced membership fee, as well as special rates at Symposia and Summits of the Society.